” Think outside the box “

“Thinking Outside of the Box”
An optimist is someone who tends to see the glass half full.

  Sometimes people fail to understand how and why they can be so positive and upbeat in the worst of situations.

  But the reason is because they think outside the box.

Do you really know and understand your worth?

Do you want the most out of life? When you find that you are the smartest, most outgoing, most optimistic person among your friends do you seek opportunities to forge new relationships with people who will nourish your growth?

When mom and dad discourage your dreams because THEY don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, do you strive to prove them wrong?

When you know that there’s not going to be a party, do you dress up anyhow?  Do you know that what God has for you is for you and only you?

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